Tuesday, 06-04-2010

What an amount of experiences, happenings and out comings I was able to see and feel last 2 weeks. I saw people changing, I saw situations fading, I saw how love was going his path and I saw how hate was striking it. I think, I was never able to see so much before as I did last two weeks. I never felt myself so open minded and contemplative as I used to be. Finding out that everything you thought, everything you tried was so false but everything you wanted to think and everything you wanted to try was so right, is very very varying. It has eaten me from inside but I think, there is grewing something new, something I cannot descripe yet, something what´s making me strong but you have discover it by yourself. This doesn´t mean that something apparent or obvious will change but my whole view from the world will. Or maybe it was just a short but comprehensive journey through the big big big world of my and others inexplicable emotions. And I want to thank everybody who was with me, everybody who pushed me and brought me down on this journey! This picture is dedicated to everybody I´d like to thank. Thanks to: Max, Aurel, Katarina, Nadi, Julia, bricks, my family, Steven, Jassi, Chris, those crazy russian people, Claudia, Janine, Dr. Eckart Hirschhausen, Sarah, Lola(Laura), Desire, Marco, Chris, Pascha, Maria,... Special Thanks to: Nik, Jana,.. And Very Special Thanks to: Nikita and Teddy; thank you so much for such a wonderful and incomparable time I had with you. Feel free to choose a favourite picture. I´m back home! HELLO! sincerely, your fallenaudience!

Tuesday, 06-04-2010 ende